Get a personal email under your own domain name.

Professionalize your business and get a custom email under your own domain name (That doesn’t have to be registered under NameHunt)!

Purchase the perfect domain name and get online today.

Utilize our website builder and create responsive websites.

Set up email campaigns or create a suite for your business.

Analyize your traffic with our SEO monitoring tools.

NameHunt Email
Personalized Email Addresses

At NameHunt, our goal is to provide customers with an easy and affordable path toward launching their online business. We take great pride in delivering unparalleled, 24/7 customer service; complimented by the lowest prices in the industry. Whether you are looking to invest in domains, kickstart your business, or strengthen your existing business, our tools will provide you with everything needed to succeed in the competitive online world.

Pricing Plan

Choose Pricing Plan

Personal Email

$ 2.49 /Month

Perfect for email using your personal domain.

-Add a personal touch — use your domain for your email address.
-1 email address.
-1 GB storage.
-Full-featured web interface for desktop and mobile.
-Free integrated Calendar and Online Storage.

Business Email

$ 4.49 /Month

Ideal for your connected business.

-Be responsive with email addresses set up for quick message sorting (think sales@ or support@), or for your employees as your business expands.
-1 user plan includes 5 email addresses.
-2 GB storage.
-Full-featured web interface for desktop and mobile.
-Basic mobile and desktop access using POP.
-Free integrated Group Calendar and Online Storage.

Ultimate Business Email

$ 5.99 /Month

Maximize your business email.

-Plug in to your email from anywhere — smartphone, tablet, Web browser, desktop client — and have what you do on one device automatically show up on all.
-1 user plan includes 5 email addresses.
-Unlimited storage.
-Full-featured web interface for desktop and mobile.
-Fully synchronized email on mobile and desktop with IMAP.
-Free integrated calendar with each mailbox (1st year only).
-Free online storage (1st year only).

What are you waiting for?Get Online Today.

Grow Your Business.

  • Over 14 domain extensions to chose from.
  • Elegant and dynamic website builder.
  • Safe and secure hosting with 24/7 uptime.

Analyze Your Business.

  • Search Engine Optimization toolkit.
  • Targeted email marketing campaigns.
  • Statistics and analytics for your business.


Why do i need a email under my domain?

Whether you are just starting your business or looking to grow your existing business, an email under your domain is a necessity. It provides a sense of professionalism and trust that is required to succeed in the online world.

How do i know which plan to pick?

Your decision on which NameHunt email plan to pick should be entirely based upon your goals for your business. If you wish to simply start a small business and expect no growth, the personal plan is most likely the right option. For those wishing or needing to manage and respond to customers at a higher level, choose from our business or ultimate business plan.

Why choose Namehunt's emails?

Our emails are not only effective under your domain, they are simply efficient as our experts have tailored them specifically for your needs. You will have no need to worrying about misdirected email, unlike with many other platforms.

Does namehunt sync information?

Yes, at NameHunt we strive to make use of our products as easy as possible. We sync all calendars and emails and allow access from any device. Whether you conducting business on your computer, tablet, or phone.

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